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Furniture Industry cutting machine

Furniture cutting machine

Full automatic cutting and one key ruler changing

High precision, high efficiency, time and labor saving, automatic edge finding and cutting

Fully automatic cutting, high precision and high efficiency

Intelligent typesetting saves time and effort and improves material utilization

Material utilization  80%,Automatic typesetting, automatic edge searching, automatic cutting, accurate and efficient

Cutting cost11KW / h

High precision, high efficiency, time and labor saving, bid farewell to the difficulty of recruitment



HMI-cut offers a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software solutions for upholstered and leather furniture manufacturers

Ability to maximize material utilization and minimize labor requirements

Taiwan linear guide rail transmission system is selected, and the accuracy 0.1mm

With the Japanese Panasonic servo system, the production efficiency has been increased by more than four times

Automatic drawing, automatic unloading, time-saving and labor-saving


Quick tool exchange system for easy cutting of a wide range of hardware and soft materials More than 500,000 labor and raw materials are saved every year Full range of products electrical imports Reduce time to market and meet customer demand for multiple color and style options Developed anti-flanging tools to optimize cutting results


HMI-1625 / HMI-1825 (Accept customization)


1600x2500mm/1800x2500mm/2100x2500mm/Custom made

Product Size

3560*2350*1221mm / 3560*2550*1221mm

Safety device

Four corners emergency stop, anti-collision safety device using infrared induction, safe and reliable


Internet port

Dive system

Servo motor, linear guide rail, etc

Cutting Tools

Tools can be easily changed, with oscillating, circular knife, kiss-cut tool ,v-cut Tool, CCD Camera, and so on

Cutting material

Soft materials, like Sofa fabric cutting ,Tablecloth cutting, Curtain cutting , dining mat cutting, etc

Supporting documents


Positioning accuracy



Cutting speed

0-2000mm/s(according to different cutting materials)



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