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Medical materials cutting machine

The role of medical protective clothing is to produce a bacterial barrier to prevent bacterial migration and reduce cross-infection. In recent years, some educational and scientific research units and enterprises in China have developed a lot of medical protective clothing, most of which are mainly made of non-woven fabrics. With the development of the new coronavirus, the demand for medical protective clothing is also increasing, so there are certain requirements for the cutting of fabrics, and a professional disposable fabric cutting machine for medical protective clothing is required for cutting.

Product Introduction

Medical materials cutting machine

● Special food grade rubber work surface, aseptic cutting

● Tool exchange system, suitable for more material cutting

● The whole machine anti-static system protects the safety of personnel

● Independent research and development system, general workers 2 hours skilled on the job


Cutting machine for medical materials

Independent research and development of software one-click import, general workers 2 hours skilled on the job

Super nesting master software, material utilization rate of more than 90%.

Taiwan linear guide rail transmission system is selected, and the accuracy ±0.1mm

With the Japanese Panasonic servo system, the production efficiency has been increased by more than four times

Automatic cutting, save time and effort

Food grade silicone worktop, clean and sterile

Quick tool exchange system for easy cutting of a wide range of hardware and soft materials

More than 500,000 labor and raw materials are saved every year



HMI-1625 / HMI-1825 (Accept customization)


1600x2500mm/1800x2500mm/2100x2500mm/Custom made

Product Size

3560*2350*1221mm / 3560*2550*1221mm

Safety device

Four corners emergency stop, anti-collision safety device using infrared induction, safe and reliable


Internet port

Dive system

Servo motor, linear guide rail, etc

Cutting Tools

Tools can be easily changed, with oscillating, circular knife, kiss-cut tool ,v-cut Tool, CCD Camera, and so on

Cutting material

Soft materials ,such as Blood sucking cotton , Medical film, gelatin sponge, Non woven cutting

Supporting documents


Positioning accuracy



Cutting speed

0-1500mm/s(according to different cutting materials)


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