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Advertising Cutting Machine

With camera to achieve visual positioning. Camera with contour extraction function,thus to accurately identify and extract real-time work piece image contours for precise nesting. Even if the material or pattern is deformed, we can use the function of the high-precision camera s real-time shooting and contour extraction.

Product Introduction

Advertising cutting machine

● With high-precision CCD positioning function, the cutting is more accurate

● Select Taiwan linear guide drive system, accuracy ±0.1mm

● Improves cutting efficiency and helps customers maintain a high cutting rate competition level

● The combination of software and digital cutting machine provides an intelligent cutting platform to form a perfect advertising production system

Machine advantages

Self developed software can be imported with one click, and general workers can work skillfully for 2 hours

Super layout master software and material utilization rate increased by more than 10%

Using Panasonic servo system, the production efficiency is increased by more than four times

Automatic intelligent cutting system adopts fully automatic vacuum 

chuck and automatic lifting and feeding platform.

Tool quick exchange system enables easy cutting of various soft and hard materials

It can quickly and precisely make through cutting,half cutting,creasing and marking.

Oscillating Knife Tool

· The Electrical Oscillating Tool is super suitable for cutting the material of medium density. Coordinated with various kinds of blades, applied for cutting different materials. It is very suitable for cutting medium density materials. With a wide variety of blades, it can be competent for cutting most flexible materials.

· Applicable industries: Corrugated, Cardboard, Foam board, Honeycomb board, Car Mat, Seat Cover, KT board, Gray board, Leather, Fabric, Carpet, Composite Materials, etc

Drag knife

· By dragging and cutting, it is suitable for membrane materials, medical membranes and other industries to avoid vibration marks.

· Applicable industries: membrane materials, medical industry and other industries

Fully automatic cutting and high-precision special-shaped cutting

High precision, high efficiency, time-saving and labor-saving, and improve the utilization rate of materials

Automatic special-shaped cutting, high precision and high efficiency

Automatic typesetting, automatic cutting, time-saving and labor-saving

Material utilization 85%

Automatic loading and unloading, automatic typesetting and cutting, saving time and labor

Cutting cost 11KW/ h
High precision, high efficiency, time and labor saving, bid farewell to the difficulty of recruitment

Machine parameters


HMI-1625 / HMI-1825 (Accept customization)


1600x2500mm/1800x2500mm/2100x2500mm/Custom made

Product Size

3560*2350*1221mm / 3560*2550*1221mm

Safety device

Infrared induction


Internet port

Dive system

Servo motor

Cutting Tools

Tools can be easily changed, with oscillating, circular knife, kiss-cut tool ,v-cut Tool, CCD Camera, and so on

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